Email from Julianna Baucant:

Our church librarian, Nettie K. passed an article around for all library volunteers to read. The article was titled, 'Important Relationships: Church Librarians and Children.' It changed my perspective on things. The author states how the librarian always the same where the Sunday School teacher is unpredictable. This is so true in my church.

I am currently training under Nettie because she has stated to me that the time is getting near that she may not wake up and she wants someone to be able to take over our library. I am in awe of her wisdom and dedication to this ministry and want to soak in all the information I can so when the time comes I can be successful with this important ministry.

Morlee Maynard Comment:

From my CLN observation point, the number 1 reason church libraries are closed by church leaders is because the library team leader failed to prepare someone to become the leader when he or she suddenly steps aside. Let's discuss how to select your successor and how to equip that person to continue the library ministry without a pause. Congratulations, Nettie K., for implementing a transition strategy that is working well. We are all in awe of your wisdom and dedication.

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  • I, too, am looking for a successor for our library. The main problem for me is that the only person who has any computer knowledge on the committee is gone several months out of the year! Out of the remaining two, one had absolutely no computer knowledge and the other has limiited knowledge. I have racked my brain for others who might be a good fit to add to our committee, but there are so few patrons to the library, that I don't know who to ask.

    Please pray with me about these issues! God has told me to step back from several positions I currently hold, and it's hard to do that when there seems that no one will step up to take my place. Help!

  • I have one adult and one older teen, her son, as staff currently- they are both wonderfully astute, and have accepted all training possible, but she does not want to be the administrator.  There is currently, no one on the horizon to take the head honcho position in administration, and we're relocating in 2024 to another state.   I'm talking about it a lot, and have prayed more.   Have done much of what Karen has done- How to Process a book, written an open letter to whomever comes behind me.   And it's all I can do.   Waiting is hard.

    • My prayers go with you on your search. God will provide. Be Encouraged.


  • I too am thinking about a successor for our church library. One person seems interested, and she is working in a library now. I am preparing a library manual. Done so far are: 1) Places to purchase books, both online and stores, with notes about tax exempt forms, and user names and passwords for online accounts.2) Where to order supplies, and a list of regular supplies from each vendor 3) Information about our computer software with phone numbers, license numbers, etc. 4) a copy of the tax exempt form for the church.

    Each year I have done an annual report that shows how many resources (books, CDs, DVDs) have been checked out, how many items added, etc. I keep records of books ordered and processed each year, and records of money received if I sell books at a used bookstore. I see that as being a good steward of the church budget and accountability. I put the annual reports in a separate binder.

    What I need to do next is to write out the steps in processing new books into the computer. Hopefully with my successor we will have some time to overlap to do that together so my notes will just be reminders. Plus, as we all know, all of that knowledge from years of doing this floating around in our heads of things to do.

    This year I am trying to do some 'revitilzing' for the library. We are not in a good location, and the pandemic did not help.So I am working with church leadership to get more signage and a page on the website, possible new location in higher traffic area. When that happens, I may 'retire.'

    The next person will come up with new ideas and ways of doing things, which is just fine on how the Lord will use the library for new generations to benefit from Christian reading.

  • We were closed due to Covid until April 2023. It took awhile for the former librarian to relinquish all control but we think we are almost there. I joined the church in January 2022 and asked to volunteer in the library. The former librarian has been very complientary to me and even advocated for me to take the position. It is volunteer but I am a retired high school English teacher so it is right up my nerd alley. I am trying to take baby steps. The first thing we did prior to reopening was weed out books. We set them on a table outside the library with FREE written on a sign. I think we have 3 or 4 books left. I am learning so much from all of you. Thank you for your help in this ministry.

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