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Last year, we moved to using Atriuum/Book Systems for our church library. In the past we used a computer system but still used book pockets and cards as well.  We have hundreds (maybe a thousand each) of library book pockets (2 styles) and cards (2 colors) that we would be happy to donate to anyone who uses cards and pockets or is interested in starting a church library but not quite ready to spend a lot of money.  All of the items were originally purchased from The Library Store. We are located in the Richmond, VA area. Unfortuantely, it would be too heavy to ship but we could arrange for you to come by and pick up items at our church if you will be coming through our area. You can contact me at:


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  • Thank you! The supplies have been claimed, but I will try to remember about the swap table for future meetings. 

  • Hi Tara,

    We have our Virginia Church Library Association Spring Conference this weekend at Chester Baptist Church.  We always have a swap table with books and supplies that people bring to share with the other librarians.  If you would like to donate any of these items, we would be glad to share them.  I am here in Richmond. I am the director of VCLA as wwll as the library director at Monument Heights Baptist. 

    If you weren't aware, Allison Maynard from Book Systems is going to be with us this weekend leading classes on Atriuum.  All of the information can be found on our website

    I can be reached at  Thanks for sharing this information.

    Lee Smith 

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