• Yes and Instagram. On Facebook I have scheduled memes that encourage reading. They post once a week. Then when I add books I post that with a picture of the book and when it will be available. . I'm behind on all of it.

  • We have a facebook page with the library name, Carey B. Sayers Memorial Library at Chapelwood UMC.  It's a page. I maintain it.  It is not easy to keep up with it.  I try to post something each week, including announcements about other things at the church. I have posted youTube videos of authors reading their children's books aloud. I have posted reminders to the Senior adult book club and to the UMW book discussion. I re-post announcements like moving services outside on Christmas eve and whatever the pastor is preaching. I then re-post it to my own page.  I have "invited" church members to "like" the page, which I think means they might receive more of the posts.  I also use the schedule to set up posts when I have several I want to make. However, Facebook keeps changing, and I'll have to figure out where that capability is.  I set up a post for tomorrow, then two days after, then later, so I can do several at one time, spaced apart. I truly don't know if it's helpful yet, but I want to continue expanding its reach.

  • What a timely question!

    We are mentioned on the churches fb page and I post there pictures of new books, monthly decorations, anything else can think of to keep the library in front of people but I have been asked if we could have our own page so people could share about books without getting 'lost' in other church information  but was told it would be to much trouble/work

  • First Baptist Church Grapevine Church Library is our Facebook page. I post photos of new books and also post "cute " stuff to get folks attention. Of course there are always comments about "I didn't know we had a church library!"  Anything that lets folks know we have a library will help increase circulation 

    • I get asked that all the time.

      Thanks for helping me.

  • Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. 

    I'm sorry too be replying so late but life has not

    been a bowl of cherries in the past several years.

    • I recently started a Facebook library page.  I saw another local church had one and it seemed to get a fair amount of traffic.  My church staff set it up for me.  It takes a lot of work to keep posting book promotions but I now finally have an assistant so hoping to spend more time developing the site.  My pastor has been wonderful in helping to promote it.  I think foot traffic is increasing on Sunday mornings now also.
  • We have a facebook page for our library but I don't think it gets read much.  Generally, when I post something there, I also post it on our church's facebook page, and on the one for the women from our church.  Both of those have far more members.

  • We have a facebook page called Truett Memorial Library. Feel free to look at it.  I find it a good tool to announce special events, to share pictures (with permission) and to spotlight new titles.



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