• I recently started a Facebook library page.  I saw another local church had one and it seemed to get a fair amount of traffic.  My church staff set it up for me.  It takes a lot of work to keep posting book promotions but I now finally have an assistant so hoping to spend more time developing the site.  My pastor has been wonderful in helping to promote it.  I think foot traffic is increasing on Sunday mornings now also.
  • We have a facebook page for our library but I don't think it gets read much.  Generally, when I post something there, I also post it on our church's facebook page, and on the one for the women from our church.  Both of those have far more members.

  • We have a facebook page called Truett Memorial Library. Feel free to look at it.  I find it a good tool to announce special events, to share pictures (with permission) and to spotlight new titles.



  • We have a facebook group...started it to share new library resources and events. Occasionally we take pictures of patrons and with their permission share.  We share pictures of winners in our yearly Summer Reading Club.  Share posts regarding reading especially funny ones.

  • In December 2014 Janet Estridge posted this question about Facebook. Only one person responded. How about today? How did you get started putting your church's library on Facebook as a promotion action?

  • I have a facebook page for our Library. I post when I add new books and re-post some church events. I would like to see comments on what others put on their page. I set ours up as a 'religious organization'. 

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