• Debbie, put out one every month. Our library had been basically ignored since I left it about 20 years ago. I left to do a church plant and return a year ago. I'm trying to get back to a working ministry. We don't use any software at the present.
  • I would appreciate a copy of your library newsletter and any others who would like to share.  New ideas from other areas are helpful and help the creative process. Thanks so much!

    • Wanda, I just finished up our third quarter newsletter.  Although I don't email them to the church family, I can email you the four pages, if you like.

    • Will add you! Some time in the next month we are going to create a mailing list for our newsletter and I will do my best to get all who have asked on it.

  • May I please get copies of the available newsletters, also?  My email address is

    We have done a bi-monthly newsletter for 10 years, but only have it in hard copy form, not online

    • I will add you to our list!
      • Oh, Please send me one. too!      Thanks!!

  • I would like a copy please.

    Thank you!

  • Also, if anyone would like to see our newsletter, let me know and I'll send it to you.
    • Debbie,

      I would be interested in seeing yours also.  You can never get to many ideas for promoting our libraries. My email is

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