Library Emails

Our team is planning to start sending an email once a month to those who want to receive the emails. Help us with how you do such through your library? 

  1. Do you use MailChimp or something like that to manage your mailing list?
  2. What do you include in your emails?
  3. How often do you send the emails?
  4. Do you use graphics and pictures?
  5. Who writes the emails?
  6. What kind of response do you get?

Whatever you share will be most appreciated!




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  • As a Deacon, I felt my group needed the gift of a real letter, not an email. Over three years I sent monthly encouraging letters on different subjects to the group I was asssigned to along with others. Evenrually this turned out to be a book of Letters from Paul. Each letter has a bible verse cnnected to it at the end. I suspect such a thing could have a book title at the end of the letter as well. I'm sorry to say the book is out of print for now, but I hope to have it published again (soon as all corrections ;0 can be made) via Amazon for Kindle and Print. It does show up in a google search for books, but I don't know how they handle that for selling. Here's the minister's unsolicited comment.

    “Letters from Paul” touches a deep, warm spot in the heart. These are a collection of letters that Paul wrote to members of our congregation when he served as a Deacon. Most people, when asked to stay in touch with members of their congregation might have settled for a call or an e-mail. Paul took the time to write these personal notes the old-school way. Because the recipients were often older members of the church family, these letters were warmly welcomed and of great encouragement. Though his name, Paul, echoes that of the great Apostle, these letters are more like Barnabas whose name meant, son of encouragement. As you read these notes, you too will be greatly encouraged and drawn to the heart of a faithful encourager.  – Frederick Davis, Senior Pastor, Calvary Presbyterian Church, Enumclaw, WA.

  • Because there is concern about the number of emails church members receive, the only emails I send are to individuals about overdue books. If I have a general announcement highlighting new books, I submit it for addition to the weekly newsletter sent from the church office. Sometimes this includes a link to the church website where I have an attachment using graphics or pictures. Most news items highlight seasonal materials, new items or reminders of some sort. Response to weekly announcements is pretty good, better than to a monthly newsletter. I do have to keep it short, listing 4-5 items but that gives me plenty to write about every week or two. 

    • We have used the church MidWeekly but our items are always at the very end of a VERY long list of activities by the church staff. We get no responses because no one reads it to the very end. I have had users request for a monthly email so that our users can get information about the Enrichment Center directly to their inboxes. People want to know what we have to offer. They are not interested in Facebook. We are planning to invite our most active users to sign up for the email. And put a sign on our display window. 

  • the answer to all is no I asked about e mail when we put card catalog on line to much trouble so book resvervations com to my personal emaii which means unless I call someone I have to make a trip to pull books

    I have been asked about having our own fb page so people couls talk about what they are reading and my posts on new books won't get 'lost' in all the other church posts again no it qould be to much trouble

    • We do have a Library email account for the church library, but there are only two people who have access to that account and one of those people is me as librarian. So any "Hold" notifications I will still have to handle once we get things fully online. I primarily use that account for library correspondence. 

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