Library Christmas or Hanukkah Activities?

Are you planning library activities for the Christmas or Hanukkah season this year? Perhaps due to COVID that is not possible this year. What have you done in the past? 

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  • I am planning on putting out a table and trying to do a devotional exchange last couple weeks but thats about it

    After several years of asking we now have internet in the library so I hope to push a Read Around the Library for all ages starting in January since those who are not going out much will be able to let me know what they want and either pick it up or we will deliver

  • I wish I knew what to do about our church library. It is a great library in a small church. We are closed because of Covid-19. Only volunteers and the church is kept locked. We have talked about closing it. Small town and good county library. Any suggestions

    • You all are not the only church challenged by COVID. I encourage you to continue because things are going to be different with churches when COVID is no longer a problem. I read lots of blogs for pastors. Lots of research with church goers is showing things will be different. I'm thinking these changes will bring opportunites for church libraries that we have never had in the past. I'm going to start sharing what I am reading as discussion starters for us on the CLN. You are nudging me to get that going! My prayers go with you!

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