Libraries in Smaller Churches

Many of our CLN members are serving in library ministry in smaller churches. Let’s say 100 or less in weekly attendance. What are your secrets to providing a library ministry that meets the needs and interests of people in your church family?

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  • I have started emailing Bible class teachers a list of books (both fiction and non-fiction) that we have in the library that may meet the needs of the students.  For example - the ladies' class is studying Esther.  I read a review of For Such a Time by Kate Breslin on this website, noted that we have the book in our library, and sent a note to the ladies in that class that they may enjoy reading the book.

  • I publish a bulletin insert about once a month featuring new books in the library or books I have found on the shelves.  I have found many interesting books on shelves that have never been checked out, mostly because nobody knows the books are on the shelf.  Sometimes I have a theme. During the pandemic when everyone was staying home I did a travel feature: the many places we go in fiction books, biography stories of missionaries, Bible lands study books.  One month the theme was neighbors.  These included biographies of local people, stories of local businesses and how they came to be, local history. 

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