Latest Options for ebooks?

What are the latest options for ebooks?  Are there any consortiums for church libraries or is any one interested in discussing this options?  Who is involved in lending ebooks?  

Thanks all

Betsy Ruffin

Field Street Baptist

Cleburne, TX

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  • Hi, Paul,

    May I call you in January to discuss Overdrive?  I'm looking at it for ebooks.

    I'm also looking at rightnowmedia for videos and see that Bellevue uses that service.  Do you manage it?  Would like to hear from a user about how well it works.

    Thanks so much, and Merry Christmas.

    Martha Dendinger

    First Baptist Atlanta

    Atlanta, GA

    • Would be glad to talk with you. Give me a call in January. Merry Christmas.

  • We use Overdrive at our church library. We love it. They carry books from most every Christian publisher. The only problem is that it is very expensive for small church libraries. You could put together a consortium of several church libraries to cut down on the cost. I can give you all the details if you are interested.  

    • Paul, the price has gone down significantly for small churches since I checked a few years ago. Has the annual fee always included 1000 for hosting and tech support? 

      • When we started a few years back we had to pay $2000 per year for the service and $2000 per year for books. You have to guarantee you will buy $2000 worth of books each year by paying in advance. We are still paying those same fees now. Don't know if those figures have changed or not for new incoming church libraries. The fees are determined by the size of the library too.

        • Thanks so much. The price is now $2000 if your membership is below 1000. Unfortunately, if I purchase this there will be no money for actual books once I pay Overdrive and Atriuum. I will need to do a fundraiser but first have to do a survey to measure interest. 

    • Thank you. Yes, I would be interested in details.

      • Give me a call at (901) 347-5261. Too much to put here.

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