• Hope at this point you've found some ideas.  I always used Up-Start to promote reading programs.

  • We have done a Bingo program the last two summers, with kids from pre-school through adults.  It worked quite well. We created different bingo cards for different age groups - preschool, K-2, 3-6, teen, adult.  They had either 25 or 20 squares on them (fewer for the teens and adults) and participants had to complete a row or column and then received a small prize (generally coupons to local businesses).  We also had them track number of pages read and number of minutes read, and at the end we had a party where we gave prizes to the top achievers in each age group.

    This summer, we are doing a program we called Reading by the Numbers.  It lasts seven weeks, and each week they receive a sheet of paper with a giant number (1, 2, 3 etc) which is divided into 6 sections.  In each section is an assignment - read a mystery; write a poem about God; read in bed; read to a younger child; etc.  They color in each section as they complete it, and again, receive coupons as rewards.  At the end we will give prizes to top achievers.  We are in the midst of sign-ups right now so I can't say yet how it will work out but I'm anticipating good things.

    • That sounds great.  Would you be able to email me copy of forms & info?  Would appreciate it.

  • Yes, we created a card (5 squares by 5 squares) and call it SHARE, rather than BINGO.  Each square has an activity, such as "Check out, read, and return one book from the FBA Media Library" or "Read one book from the New Testament" or "Play One of the Challenge Games."  We structured it so that it is impossible to get 5 squares in a row, column or diagonal without reading at least one book from the library.   If you, or any one else would like a copy of our board and instructions, please send a message to me at   Blessings, Martha

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