• Liz, our policies may differ somewhat since we have a K - 12 school in house 5 days a week. but church members may come in any time we're open to use computer/internet with the understanding that a student needing the computer for school work has priority. At no time may anyone use computer more than one hour unless no one is waiting.
    Everyone must ask permission from Librarian to use computer and they must sign in/out with the time used on a tablet that is conspiciously placed between the two computers. This way our ITT guys can locate and pinpoint a "problem spot" if it occurs. Only once have we encountered someone using Internet inappropriately.
    We have Family Tree and Ancestry CDs to encourage adults who are interested in genealogy.
    We don't have a written policy, I guess we should, just post the rules above the computers.
    • Thanks for your input. Liz
  • You might want to check with some Christian Schools, most have "An Acceptable Use Policy" that they might be willing to share. We only have 1 computer that is accessible for patrons to search the library catalog. One time I saw a teenager checking Facebook on it so we informed our tech people & they took care of it by taking the internet off of that computer. Our catalog is not on the web at this point. With all the new tech gadgets people can access more & more on their own so maybe it will eventually become less of an issue.
    • Thanks for the info.!
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