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Has anyone purchased a kit containing a thumb drive or flash drive.  I have recently acquired one with a Bible study kit and was wondering how to process it?  Anyone have any suggestions?  How do I check it out to patrons?


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  • Carol,I agree with Adair and Sandra about the processing of an individual kit.  However, we go a step further after giving one accession number to the kit.  If there are DVDs, CDs (or flash drives which we haven't seen) in the kit, we give each of them a separate accession number but using the same classification number.  We do this because those taking a certain  study may want to check out a session they missed in the study but do not need the entire kit.  They would wait until the kit was returned to the library.  In using the same kit Sandra classified as

    K/225.92/Moo, the example of a DVD within that kit would be classified as DVD/225.92/Moo/K.  The "K" at the end reminds one that it goes in a kit when it is returned.  This has worked well for us.   If the entire kit is checked out it is understood as recorded on the entry that the kit contains the DVDs, etc.   It is necessary to use only the accession number for the entire kit.

    • Thanks for all the feedback.  We process our kits individually like Eva Nell does so they can be checked out individually.. but do keep them all together in the box.  I decided to print out the leader guide and worksheet from the flash drive and then let the leader check that out, rather than the flash drive.  I will keep the flash drive with the kit and label it as R reference.  I just don't know where to label it.

  • That is very interesting!  I have not seen the Bible study kits with the flash drive. I agree with Adair in the previous answer.  To be consistent with the way we process kits, I would assign the kit an item id (accession number); give it a Dewey number and process it all together.  Label every item in the kit with the item id.   My call number for a Beth Moore study on John would be something like this:  



    I believe we would probably have to have permission to make a copy, but maybe not, if the original was never circulated.  I certainly understand the hesitation behind circulating the original drive!  

  • Does the Bible study kit get one number and a label listing content that is checked before and after it goes in/out?  Then I would treat the drive like a CD or DVD writing the Bible study number on the casing.  Though I would be seriously tempted to copy the thumb drive and send the copy out with the kit while keeping the original safe

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