• I should probably add, be cautious regarding attaining free books...some sites are doing this because they are illegally copying or downloading them to their site. I believe the z-library site while it is still up online, I'm not sure if your library will be free of charges if you download something here.

    Here is the link about the Arrest and law;

    Z-Library operators charged with breaking copyright laws
    There's a legal line between book borrowing and piracy
  • Topic posted by Becky Johnson on January 18, 2023:

    Grants for our libraries. Where do I search? ETC.


    This one is for Missouri UMC churches and applies to Little Free Libraries rather than in-church libraries. Posting in in case it's helpful or of interest to someone. 

    Library Builder Grant
  • While this is not about Grants, it is a note about resources for building library colllections.   This work has been downloaded 257 times since placed on Purdue's free articles/authors download site.

    A recent inquiry on this site church libraries network was asking about free ebooks. Using the strings "free religious books" and "free religious ebooks" will get you to sites which have offers of such free books as well as additional links to such free materials. For collection building it is worth the effort and may open new resources not shown in the above article. --Paul T. Jackson

    Biz of Acq -- Developing Book Donation Resources
    By Paul T. Jackson, Published on 09/01/92
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