Free Supplies Offer

One of our members asked me to make you aware of the following supplies that she wants to give librarians who need them. 

Free Library Supplies:

Book Pockets

High Back Style (TLS 41-0315), approximately 350

Plain Economy (TLS 41-0121), approximately 350

Date Due Slips

2-column, no adhesive (TLS 47-0106), 1 pkg./500 and most of another pkg.

4-column, no adhesive (TLS 47-0102), approximately 100

Book Cards

Style “D” (TLS 43-0205A), 2 pkg./100 and most of another pkg.

Style “F” (TLS 43-0207A), 2 pkg./100 and 35 additional cards

(TLS 43-0207), approximately 750 cards


Laser/Inkjet Spine & Processing Label Sets, 10 sets per sheet (TLS 16-0754), 23 sheets (Used with PC Card Catalog software)

Charging/Checkout Tray/Guides

1 double charging tray, wood, light finish (similar to Demco product on website)

1 set charging tray guides, 1-31 Day-of-the-Month (similar to Demco)

1 set charging tray guides, A-Z Alphabet (similar to Demco)

If you see items that you need, contact Susan. BTW, she will pay the shipping.

Susan Full



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  • Thank you to everyone who responded to this post. All items have now been requested, and I am preparing shipments. May God bless you all in your service!

    Susan Full

  • Louise Gardner   I would be so greatful for these suplys. I am the Church Librarial at Ephuses Bapt in Raleigh  My e mail is  you can reach me also my phone at 919 999 0666

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