Fiction/bio books for a tween boy

I am looking for fiction books for a tween boy (age 11) who has read about everything in our church library that is catalogued for his age. He's read Cooper Kids, Imagination Station, Young Whit, Pricilla Shirer, Red Rock Mysteries, Bill the Warthog, Theodore Boone... etc, etc. ALL the common ones that I know of. He is not terribly interested in fantasy. Do you have OTHER suggestions for his level?


He is reading beyond his age level; perhaps there are ~adult biographies or fiction that you know of to suggest?

I am certain I am not the only librarian with this challenge! 

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  • Update: what an oversight! Some time after I posted this question, I happened to see the Articles of Interest/Suggestions for Church Library Collections and opened the Juvenile Mediagraphy! Have been going through that and getting a few additional ideas! Thank you, Eva Nell Hunter!!

  • Chuck Black's series, The Knights of Arrethtrae, is very good. I see you listed Pricilla Shirer. Was it the Prince Warrior series? If not, that is very good also. Those are the only ones that come to mind for that age, we don't have that many young boys who check out books at our library.

    • Yes, he "inhaled" the Prince Warrior series! I will point out The Knights of Arrethtrae series. THANK YOU!

      About young boy readers... right... they are few... so I want to supply when they ask!

      You are appreciated!

  • Ugh - the problem with adult fiction for that age is that it's either going to be too gruesome or have romance in it or both.

    He might enjoy the Bug Man mysteries by Tim Downs, if his parents are okay with him reading books for adults.  They are somewhat gory in that the main character is a forensic entomologist but maybe he'd like that...some of them have a bit of romance, though.  Not explicit in any way but it's there...

    Ted Dekker's kids' books about the Circle - can't remember what they are called...

    two series by Jenny Cote: The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz, and  The Epic Order of the Seven.  If he likes these, you're in luck because they are long and there are two in the first and five in the second.  Definitely look into them.

    • Debbie, you obviously understand my trial...I truly appreciate your comments and suggestions. I will definitely follow through with Jenny Cote and with Tim Downs. Will get the mom to review Downs a bit....

      Our young patron has read Ted Dekker's kids series; tell me a boy that does NOT like comic style... :)


      • By comic style do you mean graphic novel?  The ones I am thinking of are not graphic novels.  

        • Oh, I worded my response sooo poorly, Debbie! I believe you mean the Lost Book Series - Chosen, Infidel, etc which are not graphic/comic. Right! Will definitely suggest those if he has not read them... thanks!

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