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I am looking for tips on engaging with and coordinating library volunteers. This will be a focus of the next BIC Church Librarians Newsletter (BIC = Brethren in Christ).

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    • Thanks, Debbie. This is very helpful. Can you tell me what church you attend? I want to give you credit for your thoughts in my newsletter.

      Edie Asbury


      • Berean Baptist Church in Portage, MI.  


        Is your newsletter available to people outside your church?  We publish one monthly which goes to church librarians and other interested people in addition to our own church body, and I'm always interested in seeing other church librarians' newsletters!  So if it is available, I'd love to see it!

        • Debbie, I just took over as volunteer librarian, and I am getting ready to start a quarterly newsletter for the library. Would you be able to send a few back issues to me so I could see your content and design? Thank you so much! DFUMCLibrary@gmail.com

          (Duluth First United Methodist Church, Duluth, GA)


          • I sent you some! email hijisheer@gmail.com.

            • could you also send me a few of your newsletters?  I've been our church librarian for 2 years now and haven't started this yet. 

              Thanks!!  Paige 


        • I, too, would love to see your newsletter! gbc@gladebaptistchurch.com  Thanks!!

          • I added you! And will send you a few recent copies.

          • I believe Denise did this; let me know if you'd like to be added to our mailing list!

        • Debbie, send your email address to easbury6@gmail.com, and I will be glad to email you our newsletters.


          • Edie, I would also love to see your newsletter and will send you an email.

            Thank you!


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