Linda Draper, one of our CLN members in St. Louis, MO, emailed me a couple of weeks ago suggesting we connect with churches who lost their libraries during Hurricane Ida, Waverly, TN, and other recent weather disasters. We’ve waited until today to begin this conversation. Linda shared that she has duplicates that she would like to send to a church in need.  If you know of a church that would be interested in these duplicates, Reply here to help us connect with these churches. Please get permission from a church before posting information. Some of these churches may be in need but not ready to receive anything yet.

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  • This post brings to mind a mission project our library did following Hurricane Katrina. We receive many used books every year as gifts. When hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulfport Alabama area, we processed over 100 books, purchased shelving and basic supplies. Our library mission team transported the books, shelving and supplies to the church.  When we arrived, we readied the chosen room - fixed some walls, installed a door and the shelves. We then shelved the books, which included reading for every age  

    The people were very glad to have something to fill their time while awaiting repair to their homes and workplace. 

    Please, I am sure the books will be appreciated, please seek a church that can help serve the people in the hurricane area. But please know, the gift may need be more than just books. 

    Anyse Myers

    FBC Lilburn GA

  •  The easiest way to privately connect with Marilyn about her duplicates or swapping duplicates is to click on her name in red beside her picture in the reply. That will open her member page on the Church Librarians Network. You will find a link to Message Marilyn. Same is true for Levalle or any other member who expresses an interest. That way you can connect individually to work out the details without the whole world seeing your addresses. Scroll down the replies here to see others who are interested in duplicates. Give it a try!

  • Sounds good.  We also get duplicates.


  • I also have a lot of good duplicates that I would like to share with churches in need.   I am also interested in swapping some duplicates with our other members.  I am not sure how this will work.  


  • I often have duplicates as well!

  • We also have duplicates that we would love to send to any churches affected by the storm, or small churches that just need more books in their collection. We are willing to share.

    My cell phone is 713-501-5787 or the church address is Tallowood Baptist Church, 555 Tallowood Drive, Houston, Tx 77024.

  • I also have some duplicates as well as things I am weeding from my collection but are still useful.  I would be happy to send them to a church in need. 

  • That is a great idea.  We often have duplicates and are ready to help disaster-striken churches as well as those who have experienced budget cuts or have no budget.  Maybe some ongoing list that can be posted on this site????

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