• Rowan, I personally have  a Cricut (which my granddaughter has used more than I have) and a Sizzix; however, for our library we have larger machines called Ellison and Accut.  Our library is probably different because we have a large die-cut ministry where we need to cut multiple copies of various dies.  I might add that we've been the supply center for our church for about 15 years and have accululated nine machines and more than 700 dies.  We've added some each year because both companies have deals that if you buy &1200 worth of dies you get a machine free.  This approach is probably out of reach for many libraries.

    If you are going to use the Cricut only for help with library projects, bulletin boards, etc. then I think you will enjoy the rewards!

    I think it can be used with great satisfaction for your library and is an easy way to get letters and other objects for bulletin boards and other projects.  Those who are actually using the Cricut in their libraries can give you much better advice than I.


  • Contact info for Nashville Baptist is Marci White. Her email is

    She would be happy to answer questions (or get Priscilla to answer).

  • Nashville Baptist in Nashville, NC uses a Cricut and they love it. I fell in love with it when I was helping them build a bulletin board after our brainstorming session on what software they should buy to automate.  The machine itself belongs to a member on their team but she has been leaving it at the church for the library staff to use. It is on my wish list! 


    Here is what she said in an email:

    Yes, the Cricut is a great little tool. Priscilla gets in there and whips those bulletin boards right out !
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