Most if not all of us are COVID weary whether we experienced COVID or not. We want to get our lives back. As church librarians we do have responsibilities to ensure people are safe when they us the collection. 

OCLC released an update on March 5, 2021. Here's a 4-page review of recent research findings. Read more.

At this point in the pandemic, what are you doing with your church’s library?


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  • I also want to add that I don't stack the books anymore since that other report about the virus came out.  It was posted here.  The one about reopening museums and the like.



  • We are open on Sundays for appointments only.   2- 15 min. appointments between services and 2 after.   Only 1 adult.  Everyone is masked, and everything is wiped down that was touched or I offer gloves if they absolutely need to touch the books.   Everything that comes in is put in a quarantine bucket and is checked in via barcode gun, and remains in quarantine for a week.    

  • We are open on Monday - Thursday for return and checkout only.  No in-library services. Because the church is opening in phases, the library is not open on Sundays. We separated the return and checkout activities, quarantining items for one week before cleaning, then placing in circulations. I wear a mask and add a face shield when I'm on the floor helping patrons. We installed hanging barriers around the circulation desk. We offer curbside pickup and return for anyone who does not wish to wear a mask (required to enter the building). Clean, clean, clean.

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