• We used Concourse for a number of years and have switched to Atriuum, you and your staff will have no problem switching and will love the added features of Atriuum.  Being web based has the added benefit of being able to work at home or anywhere.  Atriuum has a lot of added features that make it well worthwhile. 

  • We use Atriuum and love it. 

  • I use Concourse and have it on our church server, so it is a bit more shareable. 

  • Concourse and Atriuum are two programs created by Book Systems.

    Concourse is a windows-based program. Concourse is a great program for a church library that is small, just getting started, or doesn't have many items being checked out. I have it at my church for now while I am getting the church library functioning. Once I get the library up and running I plan on switching to Atriuum. Concourse has various levels - each has a different cost.

    Atriuum is their web-based product. Because it is web-based you (and your users) can assess it from anywhere there is wi-fi. It can be accessed on many different platforms - iPads, mobile devices, laptops, etc. The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is fabulous. Atriuum is great for any size library. The cost of Atriuum is based on your church's budget.

    Book Systems is a family-owned business. They take pride in their customer service. They are really good about listening to their customers and giving them the features they want. They are willing to work with you any way they can.

    I suggest you call them. You can be given access to a demo of both Concourse and Atriuum so you can see what they do and decide which one would be best for your church.


    Their ad is on the main page of CLN - bottom right corner of the screen.

    • We use the Concourse program to check books in and out, add books and patrons into the system, etc. etc.

      According to book systems, the program Opec is no more. She suggested we get Atrium. 

      We've been using Concourse for about 10 years give or take a few years, so I'm very familiar with book systems.

      Thanks for helping me with this.

  • We have a small church so we don't use it.  Instead we use LibraryThing and love it.

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