Our library is in the process of being moved and reorganization is a great opportunity to re-imagine the library.  I want to set up a computer station or technology hub for patrons to search the catalog, use the internet, etc...

Does anyone have a computer station in their church library for patrons to use?  If so how do you have them organized?  What programs are on them?  Are they laptops, ipads added to the library for use?  I appreciate your comments.  Blessings!

La Gina     

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  • we have wi-fi in the building and the library computer is not linked to the other church computers so I can allow someone to use it if they wish


  • We have a patron terminal for viewing our on-line catalog, but we are not able to allow any other internet access, because our computers are logged into the church network.  We do have WIFI for those who bring their own laptops and other devices.

    • We have the same setup.  I am considering purchasing an Amazon Fire 10 or two for use in the library, especially for demonstrating how to use the e-library.  Has anyone else done this or used a similar device?  Thanks so much!


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