Collection Policies??

What a great conversation about evangelism and disciple making!! Through that conversation, we discovered an interest in collection policies. How did your church develop a collection policy for the church library? Would you share your policy? You do not need to identify your church. If you cannot share it, perhaps share highpoints that we need to consider and the process your church used to develop the policy.



Morlee Maynard

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  • Our library mission statement is:

    To provide high quality materials that bring people of all ages closer to God.

    We have a written collection policy but I have found that we rarely need to use it.  I can quickly and easily tell someone our mission and that helps them decide if they should donate and helps me decide if we should keep their donation.  It is quick, clear and easy for everyone to understand.

    It also helps that I have a close association with the local public library.  Donors know that I will find a good home for their books even if the books cannot be included in our church library collection.

  • What a wonderful idea with the links and thus pulling an updated thread together about Collection Policy. 

    Whether we're revisiting or writing a brand new Collection Policy, this discussion is quite helpful in streamlining a collection policy.

    Thanks, Dana. I'm reading and re-reading your church's policy. I'd love to visit your library just based on your church's policy! It helps me to think through our Collection Policy and the needed points to cover. I hope it's OK if we use some of your wording?

    Martha, I remember the linked thread -- thanks for linking it. It makes it quite handy as a resource to have it linked. I look forward to sometime reading what you've helped pull together. 

    First, I wrote up (just this year) the Purpose of our Library. Everything flows from the stated purpose. Here is our purpose:

    Accommodating ages from early childhood onward, the LCF Library serves as a supportive ministry of London Christian Fellowship (LCF) and so aims to embolden LCF’s stated mission in developing authentic and passionate followers of Jesus Christ. Thus via its variable collection, the LCF Library purposes to encourage Christian resolve, Christian growth, and Christian outreach in conjunction with encouraging healthy social interaction as well as optimal personal well-being.

    Therefore, as you have received Christ Jesus the LORD, walk in Him, rooted and build up in Him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, overflowing with gratitude.

    Colossians 2:6-7 (HCSB)


    The phrase in bold print is one that our church uses repeatedly and is stated on our website. 

    • I meant to include that we're still refining our statements. The above now is split into a mission statement and a collection focus.  More specific guidelines for collection is now in process. 

      Although our library existed since the beginning of our church being planted, this is the first time we're putting together policy statements. 

      This thread is quite helpful. Thanks. 

  • I had a committee of regular readers.  We looked at a bunch of them from Buford Carter (It's bound to be in the archives because I asked the question).   From those, we distilled what we wanted.  We are 98% a Christian library which glorifies Christ and edifies our members/attenders.   I paid attention too to the bad practice of dumping whatever Great Aunt Susie had on her bookshelves because "the library will take them" - nothing yellowed with age, falling apart, subject matter outdated etc.   I also put the part in where donations to the library are not conditional and we can dispose of them how we choose.   I can send it to you on Sunday but it's on my library computer not at home.    I put statements there relating to our purpose that would allow me as librarian to reject a movie, or a questionable author, or anything that would detract.    I will try to remember to send it to you.   In the meantime, go to questions, and look up gift and selection policies- Hopefully the links provided by Buford will still be active.  

  • Community%20CRC%20Library%20Policy%20June%202015.pdf

    Attached find the one we adopted a few years ago

    -- Dana
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