• For a Baptist church in Benton, Arkansas, you could also use 286.176772.
    • I appreciate the help.  I did look through the 280s, but just didn't know about 6.  I don't think I can get the long number on the spine, but I am very curious about what the numbers designate after the decimal point--when you have the time.  Thanks again.

      • 286.1 means "Regular (Calvinistic) Baptists" in the DDC; -767 means Arkansas; and -72 means Saline County. If you need to shorten the number, drop the -72.
  • Since there has been no response from the experts, I'll give you my response.

    I selected a Dewey number from 280-289, Denominations and Sects of the Christian Church.

    So selecting 286 for Baptists and ignoring the .1-.7 I added .09 for history. to give 286.09.

    The subject heading I used was:

    Oak Ridge (Tenn.), Robertsville Baptist Church--History.

    Notice the state abbreviation is used, not the PO code.

    • Thank you for the help.  I thought of 250, 260, and 280.  I couldn't get much further.  I appreciate the time it took you to help.

  • Or, maybe I mean classify it.

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