• We are also doing a Summer reading program for kids 0-12 at our church.  We are also doing a weekly story hour in the library which coincides with a playgroup so the kids and their parent are already at the church for that.  This has worked well, the kids love coming in from playing outside to listen to stories and I usually have an activity to go along with the books I'm reading.   

  • I coordinate the library at Faith Christian Reformed Church in Tinley Park, IL.  I wanted to keep things easy this summer.  I have a bulletin board in the library.  I cleared it of everything, printed a clip art photo of a sun with sunglasses and "Summer Reading", and added it to the middle of the bulletin board.  I've asked through the weekly bulletin and other reminders for people to send me photos of themselves reading - whether in a favorite chair, by the pool, in a tree,with a pet, in the car, on vacation, with a grandparent or sibling or parent, on a device, etc.  It could be a photo of them reading their Bible if they aren't big readers.  It's been fun to collect and post the photos.  And I hope that it's encouraging people to read.


    • Wow, what a wonderful idea!!  Our pastor will ask about every 3 weeks what is everyone reading and we will all answer with title, author and major premise of the book...but I should tell him to have them include a selfie and I could use one of our larger bulletin boards in our main hallway to post their photos and/or posts of what they are reading!!.

      I hope to hear more from you about other things you do throughout the year.  We are a United Methodist church in a farming community and we have about 350 members and usually about 150 attendees weekly and an online following.  So I need ideas.  I am the church librarian and the our LIttle Free LIbrary Steward and an Adult SS teacher and sometimes my creative flow ebbs.  lol

      have a great day everyone

  • First Baptist Church of Monroe Library are getting geared up to our yearly "Children's Reward Reading Book contest" We are excited about reaching out to our young readers ages 5-12. We have a "Library on Wheels" Cart especially for the children's books. We also have another Library on Wheels cart for just the adults. Everyone seems to love it. I exchange the differnt books on it every other month. We give out prizes for every 3 books read and the deadline is reacheded, the person that reads the most books get a "super" prize and special recognition. We do a chart with each name on it and put a sticker by their name each time. This way, everyone can see how the children are reading and give them the encouragement to do so. Lots of fun!

  • We are all set to host 2 reading groups. One for men. And one for women. Starts June 22 and ends July 27. Meets Wednesday evenings 6-7:00 PM. 

    Each participant will select a fiction or non-fiction book in the Enrichment Center. During the sessions each person has the opportunity to share what he or she experienced during the previous week while reading the selected book. That becomes a discussion topic for the group. Our focus is sharing what we learned about God and spiritual truth for our personal walk with Him. We are looking forward to an opportunity to mix the generations in our church family. Here's the promotion description:

    Summer Reading Groups for Adults

    Join us for a fun and inspirational time as we dive into fictional and nonfictional books from our Enrichment Center. These lively discussion groups (open to all adults—men’s group; women’s group) will be thought provoking and help us explore spiritual truths in the various books each of us selects.  For more information, email


    • We had a great start to our reading group last Wednesday! We had 4 new people who had never been part of our reading groups. And 4 who had been in our groups. The word is out now so we are anticipating more people this Wednesday. However, we have no men interested in such. I had an opportunity to promote the Enrichment Center during a Women's Fellowship last Thursday evening. Great response! They love that each person gets to select the book they want to read instead of everyone reading the same book. And that we meet weekly. I can't wait till Wednesday evening!

      • I like the idea of each person reading their own selection! I think the women of my church would like that!

      • This is great! I had some new women join my Wednesday group as well!

  • We are doing a summer reading program for all ages. Everyone can earn a prize for each 10 books. Our 10 book prizes are about 50-75 cents each and our 20 book prizes are 75 cents to $1.25.  I am attaching our guidelines. We have done a summer reading program for years but the last couple of years have had a hard time gettting children in. Their classes moved to the basement and they no longer pass the Media Center.  We have made an effort the last few weeks to have the Wednesday night teachers bring the kids to the Media Center so we could read them a book and show them the prizes, etc. This week, we will give them guidelines and a bookmark... and mail postcards home. Hopefully this will be the turn around year and we will have lots of children reading again!  


  • We are having Meet the Authors Night on July 27th where local authors can sell appropriate books and answer questions.  We did this for a couple of years before Covid and I am excited to be bringing it back again. I will also be doing a Summer Story Time once VBS is over with a story and a craft for kids 4-8.  Finally, we are continuing our Summer Reading Program. This year we have an Olympic theme and I have a game card for little kids and one for older children, teens, and adults. I have prizes for both the kids and the adults. I often get new or like new books that are duplicates  as donations and I've saved those for adult prizes. The kids get certificates and a little Christian themed brace;et or wristband.


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