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I am currently in the process of completing a practicum my MLS and revamping my church's library that has not been used in over 10 year. My biggest problem encountered at the moment is the lack of funds available in the budget to buy all the supplies and updated materials needed to start the library. 


What the best available ways to get funds to purchase what I need now, like labels and label protectors, so I can get the library labeled and organized. 


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  • The most productive way we have raised funds was to have a Rada Cutlery fundraiser. The products are top quality and the prices are very reasonable, and everyone around here loves them!

    If I'm not mistaken, we earned 40% of sales. That has helped us tremendously.

    Also, when we wanted to increase our children's section, we got a list of books that we wanted, and the prices, and put an announcement in our church bulletin. This way, people could 'buy' the books for us. We got almost all of the requested books funded!

    Hope this gives you some help!

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    • Thank you, it does. However, beyond asking for donations of books, it doesn't look like I am going to get much help in funding as I am not allowed to fund raise. 

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    • I like your ideas! And re: # 2 - we do sales once or twice a year, but in our church we are not really 'allowed' to 'sell' so we don't put a price on anything but say it's 'by donation'.  What we find is we actually get a lot more money that way.  Sometimes someone will take two books and hand us 20.00.

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