• I just finished reading "Seven Angels for Seven Days, by Angelina Fast-Vlaar; A true story of myster, grief, healing, and God's Amazing Faithfulness" Castle Quay Books, distributed by Augsburg Fortress Publishers. or www.  ISBN 189486030-6.    9781894860307

    Reading this gave me a better sense of compassion for the one grieving. I didn't know how difficult it was, how long the process could be, or the feelings involved. It's not a book filled with Scripture, but it is a personal reflection. 

  • I would like to receive Gail's list of books on grief for adults and children.

  • Our church hosts a grief share group which is a support group for those who have experienced recent losses in their lives. In the library, in our "special collections" section, we have book on grief and loss for those dealing with loss. Also we have started to collect books about grief and loss in our juvenile collection and have a sheet of our recommended books on loss including for kids, loss of a pet.  I also recommend a book by Mark Vroegop titled Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy: Discovering the Grace of Lament which talks about how we can lament as a community in the face of tragedies and loss.  Finally, has 3 prayers on Grieving a National Tragedy that can be downloaded for free.  These could be enlarged and hung on a bulletin board near a display of books of grief and loss.   Let me know if you are interested in my lists of books on grief both the adult list and the children's list.  

    • Yes please, on the list.  I recently discovered that we had only 3 adult and 1 children's books on grief/loss and they were all dated in the way beyond our usual weeding timeline and not in the exceptions.  I can only think that we kept them because they were all we had.  I decided to research more children. teen and adult choices to find just a few.  Your list would be immensely helpful.

      Please let me know if you want my email address.


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