Christian Men Authors

Yes, Virginia, "real" men do read books.

We have quite a few men who read books in the church library.

It's easy to find women who write Christian Fiction but where are the men authors?

Other than D. Brown, D. Bunn, J. Cahn, A. Collins, T. Dekker, J. Eicher, C. Fabry, S. James, J. Jenkins, A. Klavan, J. Kraus, T. LaHaye, K. Leman, T. Locke, R. Mabry, C. Martin, G. Morris,

F. Peretti, M. Phillips, J. Rosenberg, J. Rubart, R. Singer, B. Thoene, T. Thrasher, D. Walsh,

R. Whitlow, and W. Young.

These are the men authors we have in the church library. Do you know of any that are not mentioned here?


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  • Peter Leavell has written 4 fiction books. His first book, Gideon's Call, won a couple of debut novel awards. He followed that with a western series.
  • Our pastor was and still is, I guess, a huge fan of Randy Alcorn. In fact, his latest book is out this month-It's All About Jesus. But his fiction Deadline, Deception, Dominion, Edge of Eternity are powerful as well as nonfiction Heaven, and a prolife book (I forget the title). His books are very serious, and although written 10-15 years ago, they touch on lots of subjects many people currently deal with.
    • How did I miss Randy Alcorn? YES!!! I especially loved his book, Safely Home.
  • Max Lucado
  • I did not see James Scott Bell. We have some men who read his books as well as Tim Downs.
  • Ralph Reed and Jason Elam have written some fiction.

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I will check them out.

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