• I scanned through the suggestions given already and didn't see Al & JoAnna Lacy.

  • Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions.

  • Richard Paul Evans

  • Charles Martin and all the others listed.

  •  Randy Singer, Robert Whitlow, DON Brown (as oposedto Dan Brown!), James Hannibel, Craig Parshall, Tomy Morrisey (think I spelled that wrong) Charles Martian. The series True Lies of Rembramt Stone (time travel/sci-fi) actually written by James Hannibel, David Warren and Susan May Warren. B J Hoff, Jerry LaHaye

  • Westerns by Stephen Bly or Terry Burns

    Mysteries by Randy Alcorn

    Suspense by Joel Rosenberg

    Mysteries by Athol Dickson

    Historical fiction by Gilbert Morris

    Westerns by Brock Theone

    Fantasy by Andrew Peterson

    Some readers also like Frank Peretti or George MacDonald

    And, of course, C.S. Lewis


  • Some authors from our library who are read  by men:

    Robert Whitlow

    Tim Downs

    Harry Kraus

    Craig Parshall

    Jaime Jo Wright

    Randy Singer

    Steven James


  • The List by Buck Storm and Bill Perkins
    The Light by Buck Storm
    Paul by Walter Wangerin
    In the Flesh by Michael Gabriel
    Come Day in Night by hal evans
    The Sword and The Serpent by Taylor Marshall
    Joshua by Joseph Girzone (and it's sequels)
    Jerry Jenkins novelizations of The Chosen series

  • Are you looking for books written by men for men? Or for men and women?

    • Christian Fiction Books men would be interested in reading and come to library to check out.

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