During a recent library inventory, we found that we need an 'updated', Christian based book or books on sex education for teens/preteens!  We have a spot in our workroom where 'sensitive materials' such as this are kept. Can anyone recommend some good, solid book or books?  Or, even a good book that a parent could use with their teens/preteens.  Thanks

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  • Concordia and Zondervan have good sex ed series that start with books for little ones. The concordia set ends with a serious book on human reproduction. It's excellent.
  • You might also want to look into the secular version of Jason Evert's Romance Without Regret dvd.  I suggest the secular version only because you might not want the Catholic content in his other version.  I can't remember if the book How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul has specific Catholic content, but I do remember that it is very good.

  • Paul gave very good suggestions.  I'm always amazed that books on this subject lag behind regarding copyright dates.  These books are from 2013 in two of the suggestions.  In this day and age, I would think there would be more written for guidance.  The book by Haley & Michael DiMarco and the Bill Farrel book look the best.  I know DiMarco couple has written a few others in this category.  Book: Guys are Waffles / Girls are Spaghetti is also good. Thanks for seeking this timely subject out.  I wouldn't have the book in the "workroom".  I have a "sensitive books" section which I place in a Youth age level shelving.  Just so little hands don't reach for the book, but yet visible for teens and PARENTS to view.  In my 38 years as librarian, I only had one mother come in to check out the various stages of understanding sex and birth process.  She is a former nurse and talked opening with her two children when appropriate. 

  • THANK YOU Paul.  I haven't had time to do research on these yet but will certainly check this info out.  Sounds good!!  Again, thanks.

  • Here are a few we have.

    1. True purity : more than just saying "no" to you-know-what - by Hayley Dimarco Publishsed by Revell

    2.        Teaching true love to a sex-at-thirteen generation : the ultimate guide for parents - by Eric Ludy

    Stenzel, Pam, 1965- . Published by W Group 

    3. Sex has a price tag : discussions about sexuality, spirituality, and self-respect by Pam Stenzel - Published by Zondervan

    4. 10 questions kids ask about sex
    Author: Farrel, Bill. Published by Harvest House
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