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Can anyone tell me if you can use a laptop for your card catalog? Our library is in such a small place, that a laptop would really help us conserve space that we need for books and a.v. materials. I have never had a laptop, so didn't know if this would work????

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  • I don't use a laptop as a card catalog, but I do use a computer with the Excel spreadsheet to enter all the information for a card catalog. Then I print out both a Title and an Author list and put them in notebooks which are then placed in wall ? file holders?. I haven't yet made up a subject folder as that is more difficult, but if needed, I could do that from the spreadsheet. I have columns for title, author, subject, copyright, accession number, cost of item and, if it was paid for out of church budget, or donated. Also, when it was placed in the library. I do this at home and keep it here so that if someone calls me I can look it up on my computer.
    We have a small library also and it seems to work.
  • Check with your software provider, it should work.

    Rita Kirkland
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