Afghanistan. Extreme flooding in Waverly, TN. COVID. Sex trafficking. What are ways to engage our church families in reading books and watching DVDs that help us deal with these current crises? 

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  • We have a rack in the hallway outside the library where we place new books.  They are typically displayed there for three or four months before being moved into the stacks.  We regularly try to add non-fiction that is relevant to the issues of the day, and often we put reviews for these books in our monthly newsletters and talk about them to patrons who come looking for something to read.  I struggle a bit with how few people are interested in reading non-fiction, and routinely remind myself that people are different and you do what you can.  I also sometimes put reviews on our church's facebook page, and that will generally bring at least a few people to the library looking for the book in question.


  • I agree with you and feel we have a great opportunity, if not a responsiblitly to inform and equip our patrons and church members.  At our library, we promote through displays in the library, as well as post on our library Facebook page.  My most effective way to promote the books is to read the books myself, get fired up myself,  then talk about them to everybody.   I would also suggest that one of the best books to inform and also give hope is Erwin Lutzer's book "We Will Not Be Silenced,"

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