• Ask Homeschool moms. A lot of home school curricula require a large number of readers. Once all the children have passed that grade, we have to figure out where to store, donate, or sell them. Even those who are struggling to come up with the money for next year's curriculum will sell at a greatly discounted price.

  •  I believe I might have mentioned this before. I wrote an article some time ago, and a few of the suggestions may still be useful for church libraraies as well. We used these for building a state prison library with little money other than $3000 for law books. You can find and download the articale here: Recommended Citation
    Jackson, Paul T. (1992) "Biz of Acq -- Developing Book Donation Resources," Against the Grain: Vol. 4: Iss. 4, Article 51.

    This article has been downloaded around 270 times to date. --Paul Jackson

  • Our library at our church had no budget and when we settled on a place to move the library, the pastor asked us for ideas. The librarian asked for at least $100. He was fine with it. In the meantime, I have books listed on a website called It can cost depending on what you do. I listed 10 books at the beginning and got 2 credits. However, as people requested the books, I continue to get 1 credit per book. The cost is for shipping so that is getting more expensive. However, once the person receives the book, you receive the credit. That credit will get you any book in the system. The cost of shipping is a lot cheaper than the book itself. I have a wishlist of 500 books and most of them are newer books. Also, in a few states, there is a bookstore called Half Price books and many times I have been able to get brand new books in the clearance section for $2 or $3 a piece. They also, have a website. I also go for books at estate sales and garage sales. Once a book is read, it is no longer brand new. Why pay the price for brand new when you can find a decent copy that way. Others have purchased books through the Thrift Books website.  I am also part of a book club and after we have discussed the book, one of the gals will give it to us for the library if she hasn't gotten it from the library. Another great place to get new books is from the conference we have with Evangelical Church Library Association (ECLA). Publishers will send a box of books and at the end of the day, we give them away. It will be held in Wheaton, IL on October 5th this year. Check out our website.

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