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We have not had a discussion about promotional flyers nor policy brochures in quite a while. Let's catch up with what we have put together in recent years.

I'll start this discussion with our new tri-fold brochure/flyer. We will duplicate it this Wednesday and place them on our Self-Checkout counter. We are very pleased how it turned out. Our church communications director took our up-to-date content and gave it a fresher look than our prevous flyer. It contains our policies which we call practices as well as a QR code to our online catalog and locations of various types of items.

FHBC Enrichment Center Practices Flyer

We would love to see what you are using through your church's library. Use the Reply space below. You can add your pdf as a "file". Options are at the top of the Reply space. Click on the icon that is a piece of paper with an arrow. Follow the prompts.



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  • This is very nice!

  • This is our first Library Newsletter. We plan on doing them quarterly. I did print one up to put on the Bulletin Board.

  • We had a nice brochure at our library in California, though a tad old since it was created in 2008. Unfortunately the library was closed during COVID, we moved and no one ever took over running the library. Brochure.pdf.

    The second PDF is the current handout at our new church in Idaho. We place one in the chuch bulletin every 3 months just to keep the congregation up on what is available for check out. This latest issue had a few books excerpts not only to get an idea of what's in the book but as an outreach to those who might not ever check out the book. Spring 2024.pdf
    • I love the bulletin insert. It has some books we need to add to our library! I really like the idea of constantly putting something in front of the people to remind them that you're there.

    • Very attractive newsletter! 

  • Very nice brochure.  It is very colorful, eye catching, and informative.  You all did a great job on the new brochure. 

    MHBC Church Library Brochure.pdf
    • This is something like what our pastor wants to put in visitor and new member packets.  This is thorough and attractive. 
      Thank you for sharing!

      • Thanks, Sabrina! I'm going to talk with our Connections Minister tomorrow about putting our brochure in the visitor and new member packets. Thanks for the nudge!


        • 🤗

          • We have the brochure available both in the library and right outside the library door in a hanger along with our monthly newsletter.  The newsletter gets tacked onto the end of the monthly church newsletter.   I also advertise 3-5 new addition books each week on the announcement slides in welcome center and sanctuary.  It helps because I make and set up the announcement slides. I also each week advertise the same books on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  Anything to get the library in front of them.

            We did two new promotions this year already. February was "Blind Date with a Book" and March was "Reading with My Peeps." Those along with our day school coming weekly and checking out more books have our circulation about 300 more than last year at this time.  June 1 - September 1 we're doing our "Reading Jar Summer Book Club" again. It was a success last summer so trying it again.

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