Brochures and Flyers

We have not had a discussion about promotional flyers nor policy brochures in quite a while. Let's catch up with what we have put together in recent years.

I'll start this discussion with our new tri-fold brochure/flyer. We will duplicate it this Wednesday and place them on our Self-Checkout counter. We are very pleased how it turned out. Our church communications director took our up-to-date content and gave it a fresher look than our prevous flyer. It contains our policies which we call practices as well as a QR code to our online catalog and locations of various types of items.

FHBC Enrichment Center Practices Flyer

We would love to see what you are using through your church's library. Use the Reply space below. You can add your pdf as a "file". Options are at the top of the Reply space. Click on the icon that is a piece of paper with an arrow. Follow the prompts.



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            • How does your "Reading Jar Summer Book Club" work? We are looking to do our first ever Summer Reading Program. I'm curous how other Church Libraries have done it.

              • At my old church we had a reading program every year for over 10 years. It was always well received by the kids and parents. I’m trying it again at my new church, albeit a much smaller congregation. Here is the back of this year’s handout for the reading program that shows it's guidelines. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what has worked for us.

                Reading Adventure handout back.pdf

                • Thanks for sharing the follow up.

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