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Pam Langston asked me to post this question for her.

I’m in a church now that has a bookstore rather than a check out Library. There still needs to be a simple way to inventory books and retrieve by subject matter. Any suggestions? ( i could get a scanner but wouldn’t want to print bar codes because the books are sold not checked out.  I know I’d have to inventory what we have on hand and continue to add as needed. )


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  • This is way out of my league, but perhaps some simple software for retail inventory instead of library software?

    Another possibility would be to contact a church that has a bookstore for recommendations. I know Grace Community Church (John MacArthur), and Capital Hill Baptist Church (Mark Dever) have on-line bookstores, albeit rather large ones.

    Our church is eventually planning to sell just a few occassional offerings, perhaps subsidized by the church. I haven't yet considered the 'hows' of this.

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