Jane Sveska sent us the following question:

I would like to know the thoughts of other librarians with tiny libraries regarding  "Christian" fiction for elementary and middle school kids.
I have read some of the Danny Orlis books by Bernard Palmer, and one of the Sugar Creek Gang books and they are OK. But I don't know of any others. Can anyone help me find Christian books for elementary and middle school kids?
I hope you can share these thoughts with the other librarians and I might get some good recommendations. Thanks!
Jane Sveska


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  • There are many good children's series. Older ones that are still available include Ladd Family Adventures and D. J. Dillon Adventure series, both by Lee Roddy. Frank Peretti wrote the Cooper kids adventures. Newer ones include the Baxter Family children's series by Karen Kingsbury. Rush Limbaugh wrote a series of American historical novels. And the classic is the Narnia series by J. R. R. Tolkien. (My son learned to read from those when he was 3 1/2 years old; his daddy read him one chapter a night at bedtime, and he couldn't wait till the next night for the next chapter.) I also helped a 5-year-old boy enjoy reading by recommending the Lee Roddy series from our church library.  <Christianbooks.com> has many good children's series available at discounted prices (also books, toys, gifts for all ages plus church and VBS supplies. <Thriftbooks.com> has new and used books (most in excellent condition) for all ages. I wish you well! Dianne Callender

  • Jane, we, too, have been focusing on this age group in our church library. One suggestion, I have enlisted the help of our avid junior and youth readers. We have had many good recommendations from them.

    The most popular series in our Junior fiction area is the Imagination Station series. Great series! Cousins time travel through history - popular with our homeschool young readers.Focus on the Family Series. 

    Hope this helps!


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