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I have a quick nuts and bolts question. I am about to buy some book covers, for hardbacks, and I am wondering how many of you buy the individual covers and how many buy the 8 or 9 or 12 inch rolls. The advantage to the individual covers, of course is the tape strips. Just wondering what others do before I place my order. Thanks!

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  • We buy our rolls from the Library Store. We use the 8,9, and 12" rolls. We also use Contact Paper to cover our paper back books. We cover the edges of the book and also the spine. Hope this helps.

  • I have always used the variety of sizes that come in one package with the tape strips.  Saves time and works for all my books.  I also use the narrow strapping tape to secure to the book.

  • I buy the standard rolls myself.  It really is very easy to use and you can customize it for the book.

  • My vote is for the individual covers in various sizes from Demco.  They are easy to work with and long lasting.  I also buy the better quality binding tape as cheap tape dries out and cracks, thus having to peel off and buy more!  Good questions. 

  • I work in a church library, whose budget may be a bit bigger than some - that I couldn't say. At one time we were sending all of our fiction books to the bindery. To save on cost, we went with something made by Kapco. They are individual covers, at a minimal cost compared to binding. We use the plastic roll on occasion, for books that will not be checked out too often. I find that the plastic is easy to use, but does not last for the number of check-outs our fiction books get. We've been pleased with the results, even after a few years of use.

  • Amy, consider your storage and work spaces as well as your budget. Which will be easier to manage?  If you a have a make-shift work area as we do, it may be difficult to work with rolls. 

    Initially I purchased a roll to save on cost, but by the time I finished using it I was definitely ready to convert to using individual covers--and I haven't gone back. In order to minimize the number of sizes that need to be stored, I purchase mostly 12" plus some extra-long 16" ones for larger books. 

  • Amy, the suggestion by Ann for small library budgets is a good suggestion.  Because we have a laminating machine in our library, we laminate the book jackets and are very pleased with them.  It is certainly good to place some type of covering on the jackets.

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