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This is an area in which many, if not most, of us struggle.  Biographies for teenagers/students/young adults.  Are there any good biographies that would interest this age group?  Thanks so much.  Martha

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  • I wanted to add a brief note.   Teenagers in normal times have so much homework that they cannot take on a whole lot more.   A junior biography is better than no biography to them, and gives them a taste of the person's life.   The main library has more if they want to explore it further.   

  • Trailblazer Biographies 37 Books + 10 CDs/Library and Educational Services- set of 37. : Heroes of the Faith, Sam Wellman (Billy Graham and many others.   Someone may have a set- much cheaper that way.  Even ebay.

  • I was a church librarian in Florida for 34 years, now retired to Tennessee to be close to our first grandchild. I ordered many books from; anyone can order from them online or via their catalogues, and you can request an optional membership for $5/year, which entitles you to special prices and a special catalogue.

    I ordered several series of biographies from them, suitable for teens, students and adults:

         Leaders in action series, published by Cumberland House, including Winston Churchill and others.

         Heroes of history series, published by Emerald Books, many written by Janet and Geoff Benge, sobjects including missionaries, ages 10-14.

         The Sowers series, published, I think, by Moody Press.

         Also important to have biographies/autobiographies of Corrie ten Boom, Billy and Ruth Graham, Jim Elliot, and Elisabeth Elliot, presidents such as Washington and Lincoln and Reagan, among others.

    Hope these suggestions will be useful. Dianne Callender, Cookeville, TN


  • Scroll down the center column of the main page of this website to find the mediagraphies that have been researched and compiled for our benefit. There are lists for Juvenile ages 8-11 and a youth mediagraphy. Look at the adult fiction and non-fiction lists to see what is available that may be of interest to teens. Most of the fiction that is available on our library shelves is suitable for older teens. 

    "Mediagraphy" is a word that was created several years ago to take the place of bibliography in order to incorporate audio-visual materials as well as books. Many new librarians in our churches are not familiar with that term!it

    I hope you are successful in locating items that will be beneficial in your ministry. I'm sorry that you haven't received other answers before now!

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