Barcode Labels

My question is this :

We are thinking about switching from Concourse to Atrium.

For those who use the Atrium program, this question is for you.


Our barcode labels come from the Library Store.

We are down to our last 5 sheets.

The barcode labels work fine with our Concourse program.

Will they also work with Atrium?


I have a custom bar code order form from the library store.

These are some of the questions they want to know.

Specify BC Format

Code 39, Codabar, Follett Style Interleaved 2 of 5, Mod-43, Mod-10.

Check Digit Required ??? What ever this means?

Indicate the software package you are using. If the software has assigned your organization a 4 digit library number enter it here ?? 


Which brings me up to my next question.

Should we hold off on ordering any bar codes especially concerning the question's :

Barcode Format and Indicate the software package you are using. etc. etc. etc.


Thank you for helping me with these questions.



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  • We switched from Concourse to Atriuum a couple of years ago. We did not skip a beat on bar code labels (or any other interface, for that matter).  The changeover was very seamless.

    Trinity BC, Raleigh, NC

  • Booksystems will work with you and make a seamless change over.  If you are already using barcodes it should not cause any issue with switching over to Atriuum.  Our switch over was painless.


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