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  • Somewhere Isaw a library display saying the library was hurricane ready with activities that don't take batteries now that huricane season is almost here and I wanted to use the idea can't find it and don't remember the wording. Anybody else remember seeing it?

    • Not sure if this is it, but I didn't have permission to share it, so I had to take a screenshot. Hope it helps! ūüôŹ‚úĚÔłŹ


    • I remember it. I think it is books instead of activities. Not sure it was a picture on the CLN. May be a quote with a graphic that comes up on Facebook.

  • Hi everyone, I'm a librarian at Christ Community Church in Bloomington, IN. ¬†We have had summer reading programs in the past and basically had to create reading logs and themes from scratch. ¬†I have 2 questions: ¬†1.Is there a website that has printable reading logs with Christian themes for church libraries? ¬†2. I'm trying to come up with a theme, possibly on nature or creation such as God's Wonderful World, or This is my Father's World. ¬†Has anyone done such a theme? other ideas for titled themes. ¬†It doesn't have to be nature or creation. ¬†We did Camp out with a Book one year and set up a small tent in the library. ¬†That was a big hit. ¬†Thanks!

    • We've had a summer reading program since my son was in kindergarten and he's now 37.¬†¬†I do rather¬†specific themes such as "Scoop up Summer Reading Fun" ( ice cream theme). Or "Treat yourself with Summer Reading Fun" ( cookie theme). ¬†Or "Get Hooked on Reading" (fish themed). ¬†"Get on Board with Summer Readin Fun" (train themed). ¬†Last summer was " Read til the cows come home". ( farm theme) ¬†Another was "Star Spangled Summer Reading Fun" (flag themed). On and on. ¬†I have going back to 1999 when I took over in library. ¬†

      We also have any age including adults.   The library is decorated to reflect the theme and no one but my assistant librarian knows the theme until revealed after our decorating put up Saturday.   We start 1st Sunday in June with the last 2 Sundays in May being "Early Bird sign up". A little baggie of gummy worms are given to the early birds. 

      i do all art work, designs etc myself.  We have reading records that the reader records their books on and returns   We enter these in reader log books.  We have 5 levels of reader....Read to Me, I Can Read, Chapter Reader, Teen and Adult   I do newsletter every other week or so with encouragement, new books, promotions   We have little prize drawings during summer with those who have turned in reading record during that time period being eligible.  Our 1st drawing is always prior to July 4 and is patriotic themed withe flags, stickers, red white and blue items from $store   

      This year we will be doing "Fly high with summer reading fun". This will actually be a repeat, a first.  Did in 2000.  This will be kite themed.  I have rolls of paper and will cover one upper wall in the children's section with blue, add some green fir grass at the bottom amd throw in a few puffy white clouds.  Each readers name is on a kite and a bow is added for each book read. 

      I love doing summer reading.  As soon as it ends we begin thinking on the next year as that helps with collecting prizes etc.  

      • I have pictures. ¬†I will try to add some. ¬†

        • wow, your program sounds great. ¬†Thanks for all the details and tips. ¬†Love the gummy worm idea for early sign up! ¬†yes, I would love photos if you have them!

          • Hi Gail, I did put up 5 pictures in the photo section from our "It's a Mystery!" Summer reading ¬†program. ¬†

    • First of all, I went to IU in the late 70's and met my husband there and so your post caught my eye right away!!¬† I love visiting Bloomington and reminiscing whenever I can.


      We do a reading program every summer and I don't have particular ideas related to your questions, but I'll tell you roughly what we do.

      The goal each year is exactly the same, just the package is different!  The goals: to get kids reading, and reading from the church libraray, and to get them reading outside their usual comfort zone.  So we have a number of "assignments"; the most specific is choosing books from specific genres (historical fiction, fantasy, biography, etc).  But to broaden their reading in a slightly looser parameter, we might include "read a book by an author whose last name starts with any letter from A to G", or "read a book with a yellow cover" or "read a book you chose just for the cover" or "read a first book in a series that is new to you"  or "read a book about an animal", or sometimes we select a number of books and place them on a specific bookcase and they have to read a book from that group.  And we always include a few "your choice" assignments.


      Sometimes we include assignments (depending on the format of the program) like answering some questions, or making a drawing, or telling someone about the book.  

      We generally award prizes (coupons to local businesses) for achieving small goals, and give bigger prizes to high achievers at a party in August.

      Our formats for all this have included a Book Bingo, a "Choose Your Own Adventure" (where individual "adventure" cards included assignments in a specific genre), and "All About Books", where they received a booklet with 16 different book assignments, each with an activity to do afterwards (as described above, a drawing, or poem, or questions, etc).

      I just create them myself and then my co-librarian makes them look nice with clip-art.



      • Thank you! ¬†I love the book bingo idea! ¬†

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