Anyone familiar with LibrarySoft?

We're looking at automation software & I've gotten lots of helpful info from members here.  One of the packages we're considering is LibrarySoft and I haven't seen it mentioned in recent automation posts.  Has anyone evaluated or used it? 

Any feedback on product features, ease of use for patrons & staff, customer support or anything else you think would help us would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Abbie,
    I am not familiar with that software. We use Concourse from Book Systems. I have used this for about 20 years I guess and absolutely love it. The cost is based on the size of your congregation and the support system is great. It will do everything and can adapt from the smallest to the largest library.
    Carolyn Walker
  • Be sure to check out PC card catalog from Library Concepts. This is an excellent program and is very user friendly and supported well. I use it and the company helps with our network here for us. Note their advertisement on the side.

    Rita Kirkland
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