• My church library has a Reading Challenge for all ages all year long on a different theme each year. This year's theme is "Believing the Bible." When persons read four books on the theme, they have a chance in a drawing at the end of the year for a $50 gift certificate from a Christian bookstore. Each additional four books give additional chances in the drawing. The names of persons reading four or more books also appear on a bulletin board above a cart where library books on the theme are available.

    We also have a monthly Book Chat via Zoom to take turns telling about an inspiring book. It's a good time of meeting with friends and learning about books others are reading.

  • We have had a Christian Fiction book club for over 11 years.  In the past, we have accidentally had too many books of one type during the year (ie Amish, Mystery, etc).  This year we identified a different genre to read each month.  It worked much better.  

  • We have a ladies book club called Literary Ladies. We meet every Wednesday.  We just finished reading Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Patti Callahan and we are about to start Daughter of Rome by Tessa Afsar. We've been meeting for almost six years and it is so fun!  During Covid we met on Zoom and that's when the group really grew.  We used to meet in the library but now we meet in a meeting room because we out grew the library!! Such a good problem to have!

    • This sounds so great!  Don't you love Becoming Mrs. Lewis.  I haven't finished it, because I'm dreading the ending knowing that Joy passes!  Is it very sad?

  • We have had a book club going now for three months. Actually we have two-Tuesday and Weds. at 9 am.  One club is reading The Home Place by Lanham and the other Braiding Sweetgrass by Kimmerer.  We have 9 or 10 in each club and we usually read two chapters a week.  Each meets for an hour in the library.

  • We are starting a ladies book club meeting once a month. This is the first time to do this sort of thing. I'm encouraging the ladies to buy their books so we can take the extras after we read them to a woman's ministry or jail ministry in our community. We are rotating reading fiction and non-fiction books.

  • We do not run a book club at church, but we do adult reading challenges pretty much annually.  Most years, this is a seven-week winter challenge that runs in the early months of the year.  This one is mostly fiction, with a few non-fiction books thrown in for good measure.  We create a bookmark with 16 categories of books and participants try to read as many as they can in the seven-week period.  We give out prizes for the top 3.

    We also occasionally do a year-long, spiritual growth kind of challenge.  That's what we have going on now.  Each quarter, we create a new bookmark, again with 16 categories, but in this program, the books are mostly non-fiction, with just a few novels thrown in for good measure (and we encourage readers to look for spiritual growth moments or principles in these fiction books).  For this program, we don't track progress nor do we give prizes - the prize being, we hope, growth in participants' relationship with God!

    • What are some of the prizes youhave given to the top 3 in past years?

      • Sometimes we give gift cards to a bookstore.  But we also have a distressingly large collection of brand new books that we ordered and then realized we already had them!  So sometimes we lay those out on a table and let the winners choose from them.

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