A Pastor's Reference Library

A pastor has recently retired and has been allocated a space to house his library.  I have been asked to arrange it so that it is useful to our large pastoral staff and those who are attending seminary.  I started by sorting the collection, and then began asking questions about what people might actually visit to look for.  Of course, the number one answer so far is sermon preperation.  I will use DDC roughly, probably not (in this initial phase) even putting end labels on the books. Has anyone else arranged a small library like this?  Does anyone have suggestions for helping the pastors look further than the commentary section?  There are other sections that are developing also but aren't settled yet.  I do have access to Follett Destiny through the school library and, if there is enough interest, will add the books to this, with barcodes and end labels (which will help with the ability to connect topics, I know). There will also be a fair amount of weeding, and I am looking at the various discussions on this.  Thank you.

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