We've made great progress on revamping our library, but I'm confused. I purchased the book A Classification System for Church Libraries and it's adding to my question. I'm making new spine labels for all our resources as in their current categories books/topics can be extremely difficult to locate.

In the past, I had placed books on individuals (men, women, marriage, etc.) in the 248 section (248.8+ whatever other necessary decimals to keep them grouped properly). But I see that when I search certain books online they are listed with a dewey number of 305.+ and 306.+

If married people are 248.844 when would I use 306.8 which says it is for marriage and family? 

We only have Christian books in the library, so should I not use the 305 and 306 numbers so that everything stays together? (I still have 649 as parenting as suggested). 

Thanks for your help!


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  • What a helpful discussion! It confirms what I've now done in our library. I hoped I did the right thing.

    Before going through the marriage & parenting books, there were inconsistencies as to classification. In addition, the spine labels needed to be redone due to major fading. I still use 248.8 numbers for specific people groups like "Christian Men" or "Christian Women", but use the 306/649 numbers for marriage & family which seems to expand well for our purposes. 

  • I expanded 306.8 from the big Dewey.

  • Rachel, let's look at the 248 number.  It represents the Christian life and how one is to live.  That includes men, women, married couples, etc.  The 306.8 refers to the marriage between two people.   If the book is about how to live the Christian life for the various groups, then use the 248 number.  If it refers to the marriage of a couple it should be in the 306.8 classification.   

    Many times I think if books are of a religious nature that the Library of Congress tends to place them in the 200

    categories.  Our books in church libraries are Christian books and should be placed in the proper categories which means 306,8 for marriage and 649 for parenting instead of being placed in the 200s.   This is the way it is taught for church libraries.

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