Connecting the Church Library with the Church

READ/CONFERENCE: Read pages 32-33; 94 in the Church Library Ministry Information Service. Read the following articles or articles of your choice AND/OR participate in a conference on connecting the church library ministry with the age group ministries of the church.
    1. Childhood Ministry Basics
    2. Healthy Student Ministry
    3. Young Adult Ministry in the Church

INTERVIEW the leader (such as minister of discipleship) or leaders (such as minister with children, minister with students, or minister with adults) with the age groups in your church. Consider the following interview guide: How to Interview Age Group Ministry Leaders in Your Church.

DEVELOP a process or a new service for connecting with one age group ministry in your church resulting from your interviews.

IMPLEMENT your process or new service.

• EVALUATE the process/service after 2-3 months of implementation by talking with the ministry leaders. When you complete the evaluation and make the necessary revisions in the process/service, share your process or new service on the CLN.

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