Church Library Ministry Promotion


  • READ/CONFERENCE: Read the following AND/OR participate in a conference on promotion planning.
  1. Church Library Ministry Information Service, promotion section (pp. 129-135 and 141-144)
  2. Creating Promotion That Communicates Part 1,(pp. 1-20)
  3. “Toot Your Horn”

  • INTERVIEW: Talk with any experienced public, school or church librarian to get ideas for promotion and planning. Or you may interview someone on the Church Librarian Network.


  • DEVELOP: Develop a calendar with possible promotion ideas for every month of the year. You may use the Promotion Planner on pages 153-154 of the Church Library Ministry Information Service promotion section. Brainstorm ideas for promotion with other library team members. Actually plan the promotion for a specific theme.


  • IMPLEMENT: Use a strategy with a promotional mix by incorporating as many promotional areas as possible using verbal, visual, printed promotion and promotion activities. Start a file with ideas found in magazines, newspaper ads, cards, billboards, internet sites, etc.


  • EVALUATE: Ask yourself and your team evaluation questions such as the following: What are you attempting to accomplish with your year-long promotional plan? What can be done to best help you reach your goal? How can it be measured? Make changes as needed. When you complete the evaluation and make the necessary revisions in the process. Share your plans with the Church Librarians Network on Promotion Category on the Q&A page. 
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  • This course is now up to date: June 9, 2020.

  • This course is now up to date. THANKS!!
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