Church Library Ministry Collection Development



  • INTERVIEW/VISIT:  Connect with 2 or more church library team leaders to discover how they determine what types of media are meaningful or acceptable or wanted by their church families. Ask about fiction, non-fiction, books on CD, study kits, listening CDs, etc.


  • DEVELOP Based on your reading and interviews and with your library team, write a concise selection policy for your church library (see pgs 99-101 for examples in the Church Library Ministry Information Service).


  • IMPLEMENT: With the approval of the library team, propose the selection policy to the church family for approval. With church approval, add the selection policy to your desk book and web site. Based on your selection policy, carefully prepare a wish list of titles to be purchased for the church library keeping the total church and ministries in mind.


  • EVALUATE:  After 2-3 months of implementation, meet with church leaders to evaluate how the church library is impacting their ministries and how the selection process can be improved. When you complete the evaluation and make the necessary revisions in the selection process, share your church's library's new selection policy on the Church Librarians Network tab Circle.
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