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  1. Top Reasons to Automate Your Library
  2. Choosing the Right Automation Program
  3. Library Automation: Time to Get Started
  • INTERVIEW several church librarians who use library management software to determine ways that using an automated system will enable your library team to have more time for ministry.  To find librarians to interview, post a question on the Church Librarians Network.  Research church library management software and hardware to determine which products will serve your needs. Start with the three software companies that sponsor the CLN—click on their links on the right side of this screen.


  • DEVELOP a written plan for choosing hardware, software, determining procedures needed to create a database (computer catalog), and training team members, including financial and personnel needs.


  • IMPLEMENT your plan by presenting information to the library team, financial teams, and others instrumental in helping the church library to become automated.


  • EVALUATE the plan by determining the feasibility of the success of the plan:  Will we be able to automate at this time or not?  When you complete the evaluation and make the necessary revisions in the strategy or service. When you complete your evaluation and make the necessary, share your plans to automate the collection on the CLN's The Circle.
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