Church Library Ministry Administration


  • READ/CONFERENCE: Read pages 18-19; 31-33; 39-40 related to Ministry Strategy in the Church Library Ministry Information Service and the following articles AND/OR participate in a conference on church library ministry strategy.

            1.  Church Library Ministry Strategy

            2.  “How to Begin or Renew a Church Library”   

           3.   What is a Disciple Making Center?   

            3.  Building a Desk Book       

  • INTERVIEW your pastor to learn how the library team can support the church by carrying out the mission, vision, and disciple making strategy of the church through media and library services for the church and community.


  • DEVELOP with your team your own ministry strategy for your church library including the mission statement of your church’s library. Make sure the library’s mission and vision includes the mission, vision, and disciple making strategy of the church using the library as a partner.


  • IMPLEMENT the process by presenting your customized ministry strategy including the mission statement to the church leaders for approval. Begin using the ministry strategy document while training new team members and new church staff personnel. Prepare the first section of a desk book related to the circulation desk as discussed on (p. 29, Church Library Ministry Information Service.)


  • EVALUATE (after 2-3 months) how the library is effectively applying the mission statement and ministry design into the everyday workings of the library. As a team, discuss how the desk book is helping the circulation desk operate more efficiently. Share how the desk book is helping the library operate on the CLN's The Circle
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