Woman's Missionary Union has published a new book called, "Molly's Adventures in
Missions" for preschoolers and children. In the book Molly learns what
church mission teams do when they go on their trips. In the back of
the book is Molly to cut out, laminate, and send off with mission
teams. They take pictures of Molly helping them on their mission trip
and share their pictures when they come back. It's another way to help
preschoolers and children learn about missons. Books can be purchased
through WMU at www.WMUstore.com for $8.99.

I think it would be GREAT if church librarians would buy the book to
put in their library. Then send Molly off with their church mission
teams. They could ask the teams to make some duplicate copies of their
pictures and with Molly too. Ask them to make a scrapbook of their
mission trip using Molly with stories and what is happening in the
pictures. The scrapbooks could be put in the library to be shared
and/or be checked out by individuals like a regular book. The goal is
that lots of people of all ages can learn about their mission trips,
there would be a record of their mission trip for future generations,
and even parents could share the book at home with their
preschooler/children to teach them about the church mission trips.
Plus, Mission Friends, GAs, Ra's, Sunday School classses, and other
groups could use them in their classes. They could be introduced to
Molly through her book, "Molly's Adventures in Missions. "

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Comment by Elizabeth M. Young (Betty) on January 22, 2010 at 7:58am
Thanks for this info. I needed help in introducing children to missions. Betty Young
Comment by Maxine Johnson Bersch Lovern on October 30, 2009 at 1:46pm
Librarians can do all sorts of great imaginary things with "Molly," in the display window, based on the published mission material! The stories can be enacted visually.Think of the joy of her--seeing the missionaries drill a well, of having clean water to drink--Can you see the children with their noses pressed to the display window?. When I was a child, every child had paper dolls. I had boxes and boxes of them and played with them until I started high school, and even then when younger cousins came to visit. I would take them upstairs to my play area and there it was, still intact, with all the paper dolls and their costumes in their proper boxes. Oh, the wonderful stories that we made up as we posed the dolls and did all the talking for them. Sometimes I would give a box of them away to a favorite younger cousin, much to the delight of the parent who had a long automobile trip back to their home and this would keep the child amused for hours. One particular imaginary role that Molly can play is that of showing the things she learned about how Lottie Moon money is spent. There is no limit to the imagination! I use mine all the time, as I take all my little creatures that I carry to storytelling in my multipocketed apron. Children right on up through 3rd and 4th grade still love the apron. I merely change the items to suit the age and stage of the children. This idea of Molly is one of the best I have heard of to make missions come alive for children! We need to stimulate the imaginations of our children. You can see how it bore fruit in the mind of a little child away off in the WV mountains! The leaders will love Molly and all of her adventures.


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